nicker nicker


  1. (n) the characteristic sounds made by a horse
  2. (v) make a characteristic sound, of a horse



  1. Members of the horsy set could nicker approbation of many a hunting and racing scene.
  2. It was only a feeble nicker of the gaudy past, but there was a sprinkling of former Davis Cup players to bring back memories.
  3. Confirmed Wodehousians hoot, holler, writhe, snort, bellow, nicker, and in culminating transports, belch.


  • Red Rock Hounds of Reno: Crafting a contemporary vision for a class sport

    Hounds in the kennel in this 2012 photo. / Photo by David Calvert/Special to the RGJ The soft nicker of a horse and the creak of leather. The warm swallow of spirits from the “stirrup cup” on a frosty morning. Chatting with friends against the baying of hounds ready for the chase.
    on March 23, 2014     Source: Reno Gazette-Journal

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