narrow-mindedness narrow-mindedness


  • (n) an inclination to criticize opposing opinions or shocking behavior


  1. My trouble is with a Christian Religious Structure that teaches narrow-mindedness.
  2. In a Party infamous for censorship and narrow-mindedness, once intolerable ideas are getting a hearing at the most exalted levels.
  3. Like some fiercely independent Victorian heroines, Vienna is doomed to the life of a pariah by the narrow-mindedness of others.


  • Party polarization causing disillusionment

    PARTY POLARIZATION CAUSING DISILLUSIONMENTI continue to be amazed at the selfish narrow-mindedness of our Republican and Democratic parties including those diehard, tunnel-vision citizen supporters who continually defend their party's negative positions and poor performance. It seems their party can do no wrong while they condemn the opposition party at the detriment of our country.
    on January 19, 2014     Source: Bluffton Today


  1. "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness," Mark Twain wrote in 1869, "and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts."
    on May 18, 2007 By: Mark Twain Source: Winona Daily News

  2. "This report really properly chastises the (Bush) administration for its narrow-mindedness," said Dayton, who serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee. "Hopefully, the administration will see the light."
    on Dec 6, 2006 By: Mark Dayton Source: San Jose Mercury News

  3. Jackson told the crowd, "Acceptance is right. Kindness is right. Love is right. I pray, right now, that we're moving into a kinder time when prejudice is overcome by understanding; when narrow-mindedness, and narrow-minded bigotry is overwhelmed by...
    on Jun 19, 2005 By: Janet Jackson Source: USA Today

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