muteness muteness


  1. (n) the condition of being unable or unwilling to speak
  2. (n) a refusal to speak when expected



  1. To combat this deafness and muteness, societies of intrepid and hard-eared listeners have been formed, who sit through concerts of contemporary music almost without flinching.
  2. But beneath its muteness a target is supercharged with an imagery of aggression: every target implies a weapon and someone aiming.
  3. Even sadder, sometimes, is the muteness of their children.


  • Phillips isn't talking, but has plenty to say

    Brandon Phillips has gone "media mute" again here in Reds camp. Only this time, it's a selective form of media muteness. He's not talking to the Cincinnati beat reporters, the guys around him essentially on a daily basis.
    on March 7, 2014     Source: Major League Baseball


  1. "Growing up, I was mute to the outside world, but there were hundreds of conversations in my head......Through a love of reading, I was able to overcome my muteness and pursue a career in which my voice would be my most prominent asset," Jones...
    on Oct 2, 2008 By: James Earl Jones Source: Reuters

  2. ) Celie's chronic and emblematic problem, in other words, revolves around what Hurston called "the muteness of slavery."
    on Dec 5, 2005 By: Zora Neale Hurston Source: New Yorker

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