muddled muddled  /ˈmə dəld/


  • (adj) confused and vague; used especially of thinking


  1. Style: Cluttered, jumpy, and often muddled.
  2. The young female instructor at B-Chinese Language School indulges them as they crack jokes and make fun of each others' muddled pronunciation.
  3. The better the study, the more muddled the findings.


  1. The Martini: This American Cocktail May Have An International Twist

    The martini has been called "the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet." But is this cocktail perfectly American? Maybe not entirely. In honor of National Martini Day, we decided to dig into the drink's muddled past.
    on June 19, 2013     Source: NPR

  2. Shadow Dancer takes deep look into the Troubles between Ireland and the U.K.

    Historical films can be tricky — too much background and it feels like a history lesson, not enough and the context of the film can be muddled. Shadow Dancer falls somewhere in the middle with an in-depth look at one family’s involvement in the Irish Republican Army. Opening with 12-year old Colette McVeigh (Maria Laird) passing off her father’s request to buy cigarettes to her younger brother ...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Charleston City Paper

  3. Exclusive: Watch Joe Manganiello Dish on New 'True Blood' Season and How He Almost Played Superman in 'Man of Steel'

    Joe Manganiello went on Dailymotion's always-entertaining series "Profound Minutiae" with Anthony Layser to talk about his role on "True Blood," with a lot of detours along the way. The "actor, wolf person, and pride of Pittsburgh, PA" started off with a tangent on the dynamics of differentiating the werewolf from the vampire after "Twilight" rather indelicately muddled their mythologies. The ...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: indieWIRE


  1. "When it comes to the Northern Border, the muddled thinking and poor planning at DHS seems to have no bounds, and the agency that botched Katrina seems to have no shame and no memory to boot," Leahy said.
    on Jan 17, 2008 By: Patrick Leahy Source: FOXNews

  2. "I don't think there's any muddled message here," Biden said. "They'll all get a chance to be voted on, with some discussion."
    on Jan 21, 2007 By: Joe Biden Source: International Herald Tribune

  3. "I would have resigned, yet still spent the summer carrying out all the day-to-day work with neither the time nor the authority to complete the major outstanding tasks," Mosley wrote. "Better to stop immediately than accept this muddled...
    on May 29, 2008 By: Max Mosley Source: USA Today

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