moviemaking moviemaking  /ˈmu ˌvi ˌmeɪ kɪŋ/


  • (n) the production of movies



  1. At AF headquarters near Columbus, Ohio, retailing has become akin to moviemaking.
  2. That said, one has to admit that enormous moviemaking skill goes into the creation of pictures like The Incredible Hulk.
  3. It's all part of the industry's grand scheme to create or sustain properties that, every few years, will earn a bundle essentially, to take the guesswork out of moviemaking.


  1. Does new Superman flick soar or sink?

    Our critic says... There are few things in contemporary blockbuster moviemaking more mortifying to both audiences and executives than the fizzled franchise reboot.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: NBC NEWS

  2. An interesting time-lapse of Seattle places and people

    For spring break this year, a Seattle-area native came back home and spent a week photographing the Emerald City and then two more weeks putting it all together in the above time-lapse video. Derek Vander Ark, who recently graduated from college in Montana, said he developed his love of moviemaking and photography in the Big Sky Country but also likes to shoot in Seattle and “look for new shots ...
    on June 13, 2013     Source:

  3. Review: Innocence lost in 'Berberian Sound Studio'

    Toby Jones plays the Brit in Italy who's in over his head in Peter Strickland's twisted tribute to analog filmmaking and ''70s Italian Giallo horror flicks. The Brit-in-Italy scenario gets an emphatically grungy makeover in "Berberian Sound Studio," a twisted tribute to analog moviemaking and 1970s Italian Giallo horror flicks. Toby Jones plays the innocent abroad — not a traveler headed for a ...
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Los Angeles Times


  1. "For decades, (Eastwood) has exemplified the decency and goodness of spirit in his moviemaking," said MPAA Chairman Dan Glickman, lauding the filmmaker for his recent pair of World War II-themed works, "Flags of Our Fathers" and "Letters from...
    on Feb 1, 2007 By: Dan Glickman Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "You've got the whole assembly line built, and then you say, 'Hey, we can make up something,'" Lucas said in an interview. "It was like old-time moviemaking. What I love about television, it's like Monogram Pictures or the old studio system,...
    on Mar 14, 2008 By: George Lucas Source: International Herald Tribune

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