morpheus morpheus


  • (n) the Roman god of sleep and dreams


  • Morpheus Aborts, Then Recovers For a Second Go In Tether Test

    The above video should satisfy your daily need for rocket foom. Morpheus — a NASA testbed for vertical landing systems — did two firing tests this week that produced a fair amount of the usual fire and smoke, as you can see above. You’ll actually see two separate firings in that video. In the first [...]
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Universe Today


  1. "If you are not careful when you download programs such as eDonkey, Limewire,Frostwire, BearShare, Kazaa and Morpheus, you can end up sharing your entire hard drive with other users," Hood said.
    on Aug 21, 2008 By: Jim Hood Source: Madison County Herald

  2. "In the game, Morpheus finds himself without the great quest of his life. He wonders why the machines won't return Neo's body," Chadwick said. "A lot of people have different ideas. Maybe he's still alive? Rumors are a big part of our story."
    on Mar 30, 2005 By: Paul Chadwick Source: USA Today

  3. Chambers said: "It's like in The Matrix when Morpheus meets Neo and offers him the red or blue pill."
    on Nov 19, 2008 By: Dwain Chambers Source: Times Online

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