moroseness moroseness


  1. (n) a gloomy ill-tempered feeling
  2. (n) a sullen moody resentful disposition


  1. For parents disturbed by a child's fidgets or moroseness, he is ready with the assurance that the youngster may only be passing through a standard phase of development.
  2. In a ramshackle native location in South Africa's province of Natal, a twelve-year-old girl lay ill for months subject to fits and spells of moroseness.
  3. Weird fancies, always egotistic, suspiciousness, moroseness, solitariness, all these are common, but they present most diverse appearances to the observer.


  • Stromae: Disillusion, With a Dance Beat

    The music of Paul Van Haver, known by his stage name Stromae, taps into Europe's moroseness, making it more complex than the dance rhythms might suggest.
    on October 14, 2013     Source: New York Times


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