moneylender moneylender


  • (n) someone who lends money at excessive rates of interest



  1. He had been a moneylender.
  2. After legendary adventures in Spain, Cuba and New York City, Bustamante returned to Jamaica to be a moneylender and eventually a union organizer.
  3. The woman was a moneylender, but Peter Fury's crime was different from that of Dostoevsky's Raskolnikov.


  • Newspapers Publish Crossword Puzzle with Jewish Slur (Video)

    Tribune Media Services, which provides a crossword puzzle to numerous newspapers in the U.S., recently included a Jewish slur as one of the "clues." According to WXIA-TV ,  the clue was “Shylock, e.g.,” which is based on a fictional ruthless Jewish moneylender in William Shakespeare‘s play The Merchant of Venice , and the answer was "Jew." Several newspapers published the crossword puzzle on ...
    on July 4, 2013     Source: Opposing Views


  1. "The moneylender knows every farmer. They will adapt the interest rate and terms of lending to make their loans attractive. By contrast, the public sector bank follows the philosophy of what I have called KYC - Kick Your Customer," said Desai,...
    on Feb 29, 2008 By: Meghnad Desai Source: (blog)

  2. "The biggest supplier of credit programmes is state governments so there is some level of competition MFIs (microfinance institutions) face with the local moneylender and cooperative societies of the private sector, which leads to conflicts and...
    on Jul 9, 2009 By: Emperor Titus Source: Livemint

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