mitford mitford


  1. (n) United States writer (born in England) who wrote on American culture (1917-1996)
  2. (n) English writer of comic novels (1904-1973)


  • Berkeley: What We Didn't Know

    Adam Hochschild Subversives: The FBI’s War on Student Radicals, and Reagan’s Rise to Power by Seth Rosenfeld Even at its worst, the FBI was far less draconian than dozens of secret police forces active around the world then and today. But changes in technology have vastly increased the ease of surveillance. In the 1950s, in order to eavesdrop on a meeting in Jessica Mitford’s house, two bumbling ...
    on June 11, 2013     Source: New York Review of Books


  1. "I looked at a lot of women from the 1930s and how they dressed -- Carole Lombard, the Mitford sisters, Lee Miller and the Duchess of Windsor," costume designer Catherine Martin says of her research for Kidman's character, who steps off a...
    on Dec 5, 2008 By: Catherine Martin Source: Los Angeles Times

  2. Bernstein said, "In the 1980s, Jessica Mitford visited the Clintons at the governor's mansion in Little Rock. She and Treuhaft had left the communist party in 1958, years after the revelation of Stalin's murderous crimes, but?Jessica Mitford wrote...
    on May 5, 2008 By: Carl Bernstein Source: Right Side News

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