missus missus  /ˈmɪs ɪz/


  • (n) informal term of address for someone's wife


  1. This didn't please the missus, nor did all that gabbing about social security and other trivial issues.
  2. Brad Pitt had a scuzzy majesty as Jesse James, and his missus was nobly agonized in A Mighty Heart, but neither Bra nor ngelina was nominated.
  3. I'm just a regular Joe, see, just a working stiff with a missus who likes her fiction cheap.


  • Jerry Garcia Street

    This spring, me and the missus brought our kids up to the City from LA for the first time, via Big Sur, Monterey and Santa Cruz. It was our best family trip ever--wild turkeys and great hikes in the Sur, hanging on the boardwalk in Cruz and finally, SF. Stayed a few nights in Japantown, climbed Mt Tam, watched the fog envelope the Golden Gate--touristy stuff (I passed on the cable cars, however ...
    on June 16, 2013     Source: San Francisco Bay Guardian

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