misdirection misdirection


  1. (n) an incorrect charge to a jury given by a judge
  2. (n) incorrect directions or instructions
  3. (n) management that is careless or inefficient
  4. (n) the act of distracting; drawing someone's attention away from something



  1. Those same officials warn that the process of separating truth from deliberate misdirection when interrogating such experienced operatives as Hambali is far from easy.
  2. Ordinary phone calls became exercises in awkward misdirection and elision, and everyday conversations came with a healthy dose of looking over our shoulders.
  3. But even those may be devices of misdirection, little traps set by Neil Burger, the writer-director.


  • Defiance: Goodbye Blue Sky Review

    Non-Spoiler Review This week's Defiance successfully weaves a number of divergent stories together into an hour of compelling entertainment. Deception and misdirection plague Rafe's home as Nicky makes an unexpected storm time visit; love is in the air for a surprising pair over at the Need Want; Doc Yewll gets her hands dirty with some Ark tech...
    on June 7, 2013     Source: Mania


  1. "I didn't think it was easy, getting the 3's up in the air," Allen said. "You look up and everybody is probably thinking, 'How did this guy get open?' But there's so much going on there - big screens, misdirection plays. I thought they did...
    on Jun 6, 2010 By: Ray Allen Source: msnbc.com

  2. "Our attempts to obtain information through testimony of administration witnesses have been met with a consistent pattern of evasion and misdirection," Leahy said in his cover letters for the subpoenas. "There is no legitimate argument for...
    on Jun 27, 2007 By: Patrick Leahy Source: Guardian Unlimited

  3. "I wanted to challenge the defense on the first play with a deep throw," explained Payton. "I wanted to try the flea-flicker, and we were able to make a play, just enough to have some balance and misdirection to compliment our core runs and...
    on Oct 30, 2007 By: Sean Payton Source: Sports Network

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