misalliance misalliance


  • (n) an unsuitable alliance (especially with regard to marriage)


  1. In life they would be a screeching misalliance.
  2. The strange Roosevelt-Hearst misalliance in Seattle came to an end.
  3. But I am vitally concerned when MY money is used to finance such a misalliance.

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  1. As the poet Robert Lowell wrote, "All's misalliance. Yet why not say what happened?"
    on Jan 9, 2009 By: Robert Lowell Source: New York Times

  2. Carter said: "That's it, it would be difficult. It is one of the issues we discussed with Tim and David and they are making their way through it. My sense is people know the need for reform is there. In certain sports there is a misalliance between...
    on Jan 21, 2004 By: Patrick Carter, Baron Carter of Coles Source: Telegraph.co.uk

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