minicar minicar  /ˈmɪ ni ˌkɑr/


  • (n) a car that is even smaller than a subcompact car


  1. From adolescence Sanjay had loved fast cars, and as a very young man he formed a company that developed an Indian minicar that he called the Maruti, after a Hindu wind god.
  2. The most famous Indian manufacturer today may be Tata Motors, which garnered international recognition earlier this year when it launched its $2,000 minicar, the Nano.
  3. Fuji Heavy Industries is offering its low-priced $1,300 Subaru, and Honda, already known for its motorcycles, is pushing a $1,400 minicar.


  • Microcar Meet will draw quirky, tiny vehicles to Forest Grove this weekend

    View full sizeMark Hatten, center, sits in his Messerschmitt microcar at the 2012 Great Pacific Northwest Microcar/Minicar Extravaganza. The Messerschmitt is one of two iconic microcar models. Courtesy of Mark Hatten Pedal to the floor, most cars zoom past traffic....
    on June 12, 2013     Source: The Oregonian

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