millivolt millivolt


  • (n) a unit of potential equal to one thousandth of a volt


  • The electric fields surrounding a power line can be as high as 10 kilovolts per meter, but the corresponding field induced in human cells will be only about 1 millivolt per meter.


  • Digital Load Cell Amplifier offers configurable alarm output.

    Housed in compact enclosure with digital display, MAGPOWR Load Cell Amplifier is used to multiply millivolt tension signal to usable 0–10 Vdc and 4–20 mAdc analog output. DIN rail mounted unit features one pushbutton for re-zeroing, programmable filtering of each output, and 3 pushbuttons for setup and calibration. In addition, amplifier offers weightless load cell calibration as ...
    on January 31, 2014     Source: ThomasNet

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