mid-twenties mid-twenties


  • (n) the time of life between 20 and 30


  1. It tells the story of the late-blooming, sensitive Brown and his mid-twenties relationship with a young woman named Allisyn, who has considerably more sexual experience than he.
  2. Rafiq Ahmed, a mustached Pakistani youth in his mid-twenties, hovers uncertainly, unsure whether he wants to cross into Afghanistan.
  3. In the mid-twenties one of the most popular songs in the land was the lugubrious lament of a dispirited convict who wished he had the wings of an angel.


  1. TBWA chairman Lee Clow remembers Steve Jobs at conference

    At a recent entrepreneurial summit known as the PTTOW! conference, TBWA Global Director and Chairman Lee Clow -- an advertising legend in part due to his long history behind many of the iconic ads for Apple -- gave a short talk on his memories of Steve Jobs and the 30-year relationship that they shared. In a video of the talk (seen below), Clow describes meeting Jobs in his mid-twenties; shares ...
    on June 8, 2013     Source: MacNN

  2. The Science of Hangovers

    Hangovers only exist because it keeps us from partying and drinking and going nuts every single night. It's a fail-safe for humans so we don't all devolve into skinny blonde mid-twenties actresses at once. It's payment for fun. It sucks. But what's the real science behind it? It all boils down to three things. Read more...        
    on June 6, 2013     Source: Gizmodo


  1. "We're talking suicidal thoughts here, we're not talking 'I'm a little bit miserable,'" Rowling said. "Mid-twenties life circumstances were poor and I really plummeted. The thing that made me go for help . . . was probably my daughter. She...
    on Mar 23, 2008 By: JK Rowling Source: CNN International

  2. "He was sick, embarrassed by his stomach problems and highly sensitive," Bettany says. "I play him from his mid-twenties to his forties and knew that his hair receded very quickly as a young man. So I decided to have most of my hair off and...
    on Feb 14, 2009 By: Paul Bettany Source: Times Online

  3. "It's really, really fun to work with some of these kids who are in their mid-twenties, who grew up watching the show and are the fiercest defenders of keeping it consistent and reminding us of what we have already done," Groening says.
    on Jul 14, 2007 By: Matt Groening Source: Melbourne Herald Sun

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