microtubule microtubule  /ˈmaɪ ˌkroʊ ˈtub jul/


  • (n) a microscopically small tubule


  • Misplaced protein causes heart failure

    Decreasing the density of microtubules inside heart muscle cells prevents the abnormal localization of a critical protein called junctophilin 2 (JP2), and protects mice from heart failure, new research has found. Conversely, increasing microtubule density causes abnormal localization of JP2, which leads to loss of normal heart cell function and ultimately heart failure.
    on March 6, 2014     Source: Science Daily

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  1. "There are two competing models for how kinesin walks: inchworm and hand-over-hand," Block said. "In the inchworm model, the leading head holds onto the microtubule, and the trailing head moves up to meet it. The second possibility is the...
    on Dec 5, 2003 By: Steven M Block Source: Stanford Report

  2. "In test tube experiments, we've found that the kinetochore proteins form rings around the microtubules and this ring formation promotes microtubule assembly, stabilizes against disassembly, and promotes bundling," says Eva Nogales, a...
    on Feb 2, 2005 By: Eva Nogales Source: Innovations-Report

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