merriness merriness


  • (n) the trait of merry joking



  1. Perhaps years of contrarian outrage have grimmed down the merriness.
  2. What belies the merriness of Misha's smile for the tourists is the pervasive sense that the Americans are not here to compete.


  • For Cumberland football team, there are no 'Tuesday Night Lights' concerns this time around

    Even on the phone, Chris Skurka came across as a happy camper. Call such “merriness” not in keeping with the spirit of the holiday season, but rather it is based solely on the fact that his Cumberland football outfit does not have to concern itself with a semifinal-round game on Tuesday night. Cumberland achieved Super Bowl status back on Nov. 22 with its Division II championship game partner ...
    on December 2, 2013     Source: The Woonsocket Call

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