mephistopheles mephistopheles


  • (n) evil spirit to whom Faust sold his soul

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  1. "There are certain staples in my repertoire, like Mephistopheles in 'Faust,' which I think I can continue to do," Ramey said. "But a lot of my repertoire has gone by the way, shall we say, because they are not going to hire a singer of my age...
    on Mar 3, 2007 By: Samuel Ramey Source:

  2. "This is a motorcycle movie and I always thought it would be cool to have the biggest motorcycle icon in the world play Mephistopheles; that, of course, is Peter Fonda," says Johnson. "Peter was wonderful - he really took the role and made it...
    on Feb 9, 2007 By: Mark Steven Johnson Source: Malaysia Star

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