memorability memorability


  • (n) the quality of being worth remembering


  • The leftovers are tested for general appeal and memorability.


  • Memorability Lets You Create & Narrate Beautiful iPad Photo Books, No Printing Required

    There's no shortage of mobile photo book applications on the market today, but a majority of these are focused on taking digital creations and turning them into offline, printed products. Memorability , a recently launched iPad photo book app, is different. Instead of bringing online web printing services to the new, smaller screens of smartphones or iPads, the app instead suggests that we no ...
    on July 23, 2013     Source: TechCrunch


  1. "There's been a lot of talk about the songs in films, the lack of memorability compared to songs in the past, the almost forgettability of some of them" said Mr Broughton.
    on Jun 29, 2009 By: Bruce Broughton Source: BBC News

  2. The commercial, which aired only once, was the best "on the basis of impact, sales and viewer memorability," said Bob Circosta, president of a communications company bearing his name.
    on Jan 31, 2007 By: Bob Circosta Source: United Press International

  3. "The last thing we could be accused of is dumbing down," said Kenyon, describing Lloyd Webber's oeuvre as having "memorability; it is music that sticks in the mind".
    on Apr 25, 2007 By: Nicholas Kenyon Source:

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