meed meed


  • (n) a fitting reward


  1. Whoever wins or loses, the donor gets his meed of personal advertising and public acclaim.
  2. During the nine-day period between the King's death and his burial, most Britons had had their meed of public grief.
  3. A menagerie of budgereegahs, canaries, pigeons, dogs and cats had added their meed to the midden.


  • Feeding the kids

    The Meed's Methodist Church in Nesquehoning has opened its doors to a free lunch served every week, except Wednesdays. Children have been trickling in to the lunch and each day a different number get their lunch there. The free lunch will be served until the start of school.
    on July 13, 2013     Source: Times News


  1. "This win is a boost to us but we still meed another one. The final furlong produces surprises with the legs heavy," Esnal told reporters.
    on May 27, 2007 By: Jose Manuel Esnal Source: Independent Online

  2. The Allen ad shows a clip of Webb saying during the debate, "We kid ourselves if we don't say that we meed more revenues," and makes the accusation that Webb will raise taxes if elected.
    on Oct 17, 2006 By: James Henry Webb Source: FOXNews

  3. "We did not meed demand in Q3 for the product. We are up again substantially in the fourth quarter. Our expectation is that we will meet demand by the end of the year," Otellini said.
    on Oct 14, 2008 By: Paul Otellini Source: CNET News

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