medfly medfly  /ˈmɛdf li/


  • (n) small black-and-white fly that damages citrus and other fruits by implanting eggs that hatch inside the fruit


  1. The medfly, as it is known, is a dreaded pest that could devastate Florida's billion-dollar citrus and vegetable industry if allowed to spread.
  2. Now at last the state's anti-medfly force has been induced to yield a bit -- to avoid possible harm to an endangered species named the Stephens' kangaroo rat.
  3. Some scientists see the scare as a sneak preview of what could be the worst infestation since the medfly plague in 1980-82.


  • Potentially destructive fruit fly found in Fairfield

    Agriculture officials announced Thursday that a peach fruit fly -- which can cause damage similar to a Medfly -- has been detected in a Fairfield neighborhood.
    on July 12, 2013     Source: The Vacaville Reporter

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