maser maser  /ˈmeɪ zər/


  • (n) an acronym for microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation; an amplifier that works on the same principle as a laser and emits coherent microwave radiation


  1. In solid-state physics, the maser replaced the transistor as the hottest of all items.
  2. In 15 years, electronics has leaped from the vacuum tube to the transistor to the maser and laser.
  3. The maser theory led directly to the laser theory in the late 1950s.


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  • "I invented (the maser) back in 1951, and I worked and worked thinking about how to get to shorter wavelengths," Townes recalled in a 2008 interview. "One morning, sitting on a park bench...... I suddenly had the right idea, namely to use...
    on Jun 9, 2010 By: Charles Townes Source: OptoIQ

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