martin martin  /ˈmɑr tən/


  1. (n) French bishop who is a patron saint of France (died in 397)
  2. (n) United States actor and comedian (born in 1945)
  3. (n) United States actress (1913-1990)
  4. (n) United States singer (1917-1995)
  5. (n) any of various swallows with squarish or slightly forked tail and long pointed wings; migrate around Martinmas


  • martin luther king jr mlk civil rights alabama selma bus memphis tennesee assassinated assassination dead martyr black african american.


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  2. Mark Martin hopes to leave MIS a winner

    — Mark Martin has enjoyed more than his share of success at Michigan International Speedway and hopes to leave NASCAR's fastest track Sunday evening as the oldest driver to win a Sprint Cup race.
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  3. Martin, Wilson top field at Kitsap Ladies Invitational

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