marriage of convenience marriage of convenience


  • (n) a marriage for expediency rather than love


  1. Atwater's appointment to the board was a marriage of convenience.
  2. The Tymoshenko-Yanukovych alliance, which created a veto-proof marriage of convenience, also simplified legislation on presidential impeachment.
  3. Boswell paints it as a love match; Hawkins accepts without disapproval the more credible view that it was a marriage of convenience.


  • Analysis: Benefits and perils in running as ticket

    The marriage of convenience between gubernatorial hopeful Mike Ross and lieutenant governor candidate John Burkhalter is a signal from establishment Democrats that they want a unified front as they try to prevent a full Republican takeover of Arkansas. It also offered a chance to preview a pro-jobs message they hope to run on next year.
    on June 23, 2013     Source: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

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