marbling marbling


  • (n) the intermixture of fat and lean in a cut of meat


  1. As legend has it, the British marbling tourney traces its heritage to the days of Elizabethan chivalry.
  2. Later Egg-Hunter Sutton friends, and also their Canadian competitors, found more Harris's sparrow eggspale green with mottled brown marbling.
  3. She is unaware that beef from old Galician milk cows, which has a fine marbling similar to Kobe Wagyu beef, is highly prized in top asador grill restaurants.


  • Not all beef is created equal

    'Certified Angus Beef ' is a company brand owned by the American Angus Association, which monitors meat and gives its stamp of approval only to Angus cattle that meets or exceeds 10 stringent criteria involving marbling, maturity, size, appearance and tenderness
    on September 19, 2013     Source: The Cincinnati Enquirer


  1. "Yes, corn fed is tender and has more marbling," said Kurtis. "But it also can be bland. Grass fed beef is the way beef was meant to taste, nutty, slightly sweet and juicy."
    on Mar 25, 2008 By: Bill Kurtis Source: The Star-Ledger -

  2. "It is noted for having the most marbling in the Continental breeds," explained Jim Butcher.
    on Apr 13, 2007 By: Jim Butcher Source: The Prairie Star

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