maraschino maraschino  /ˌmæ rə ˈski noʊ/


  1. (n) distilled from fermented juice of bitter wild marasca cherries
  2. (n) cherry preserved in true or imitation maraschino liqueur



  1. Doherty's hobby was borne out of his frustration with commercially produced maraschino cherries that syrupy sweet taste and candy-red hue.
  2. For the maraschino to top his prize package Max Leon imported Grace Moore.
  3. If you like dishes made out of a piece of lettuce and ground up peanuts and a maraschino cherry and marshmallow whip.


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  1. "Any small change to the levels of thyroid hormones in small children can seriously affect their development. And that's why this chemical is not allowed in children's food," Ms Kedgley says. "Small children don't usually eat maraschino...
    on Sep 23, 2008 By: Sue Kedgley Source: (press release)

  2. "This is the maraschino cherry on the banana split of bad luck I have been having," the self-proclaimed sex-addict Sizemore said in a statement issued by Los Angeles-based sex film studio Vivid Entertainment.
    on Sep 22, 2005 By: Tom Sizemore Source:

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