manly manly  /ˈmæn li/


  1. (adj) possessing qualities befitting a man
  2. (adj) characteristic of a man
  3. (adv) in a manful manner; with qualities thought to befit a man



  1. The manly man is back.
  2. But no matter how much I want to be a normal, manly, overconsuming American, I can't get myself to like dogs.
  3. For this is the moment when virtue lean, clean, manly, and quick on the draw must face evil in single combat, to triumph or bite the dust.


  1. Cleanup continues at Manly Cemetery

    MANLY — Manly city employees are dealing with cleanup from damage caused by tornado-like winds June 12 on the north end of town, including at the Manly Cemetery.
    on June 19, 2013     Source: The Globe Gazette

  2. Millennial Guys Are Turning to Makeup

    Manly men. Guy's guy. Nowadays, gender roles are more fluid than they've been in recent decades, redefining masculinity. Men are taking on more of the child care and household chores and worrying about finding a work/life balance. Men (the younger ones, that is), are even starting to embrace traditionally women's grooming products and fashions. So the next time you can't find your Spanx, ladies ...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: AdWeek

  3. A ‘manly’ breakfast in bed for Father’s Day

    We are cooking up a “manly” breakfast in bed, just in time for Father’s Day! We’ve got a recipe that’s out of the ordinary. Peterson’s Chef Ricky Hatfield whips up a meal on Fox59 Morning News. …
    on June 14, 2013     Source: FOX 59 Indianapolis


  1. At that point Saddam asked, "Is this manly?"
    on Jan 2, 2007 By: Saddam Hussein Source: Forbes

  2. "We do not think this should be the standard, and we do not think it helps our game or the league," Golisano wrote, noting the NHL had informed the Sabres that the check was legal. "There is nothing manly about hitting a player that you can't...
    on Feb 24, 2007 By: Tom Golisano Source:

  3. "I think certainly the game was there to be won if our goal line D and our execution was as good as it could have been but you can't be 70-80 per cent against Manly," Hagan said. "You've got to be at your best and I thought without Orford and...
    on Jul 18, 2008 By: Michael Hagan Source: TVNZ

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