mangabey mangabey


  • (n) large agile arboreal monkey with long limbs and tail and white upper eyelids


  1. The cherry-headed mangabey, read another sign, makes "speach-like sounds," while the eland runs in "large heards.
  2. For some time, scientists have known that a small African monkey called the sooty mangabey is the natural reservoir of a virus very similar to HIV-2, which causes a milder form of .


  • Rare baby African monkey makes its debut

    By Denise ChowLiveScience A baby kipunji, one of the rarest species of African monkey, sticks close to its mother in a new photo that was released Wednesday by wildlife conservationists.The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), headquartered in New York City, circulated the photo of the baby kipunji (Rungwecebus kipunji) on Twitter.Kipunji, also known as the highland mangabey, are considered a ...
    on June 6, 2013     Source: MSNBC

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