mandragora mandragora


  • (n) a genus of stemless herbs of the family Solanaceae


  1. If a man be ridden with a great weight of sleep, as one who has tasted mandragora, so that his eyes glue themselves together, and all his functions are dried up in drowsiness .
  2. Not poppy nor mandragora, Nor all the drowsy syrups of the world, Shall ever medicine thee to that sweet sleep .
  3. The lines, "Not poppy nor mandragora, nor all the drowsy syrups of the world shall ever medicine thee to that sweet sleep which thou owedst yesterday," hypnotize with their own .


  1. Mercenary Kings Arrives On PlayStation 4 On April 1

    PlayStation 4 is getting another big indie next month with the release of Mercenary Kings from Tribute Games. The title, which we recently previewed , features expansive maps, weapon crafting, and a throwback 16-bit art style. Mercenary Kings drops players onto Mandragora Island to rescue a scientist from the evil CLAW army. You can play solo or with up to three friends as you find materials and ...
    on March 12, 2014     Source: Game Informer

  2. Mercenary Kings Coming to PS4 on April 1st

    For all of us here at Tribute Games, today is our second-most-awaited day of 2014: telling everyone about our FIRST most-awaited day of this year... the PS4 launch of Mercenary Kings , debuting April 1st on Playstation Store! In this action-packed adventure, you must choose between Empress and King, two members of the elite squad known as the Mercenary Kings! Dropped on Mandragora Island, you're ...
    on March 12, 2014     Source: PlayStation Blog

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