malathion malathion  /mə ˈlæ θi ɔn/


  • (n) a yellow insecticide used as a dust or spray to control garden pests and house flies and mites


  1. Despite assurances that the insecticide poses no threat to humans, many people object to the state's program of spraying malathion from helicopters over a 400-sq.
  2. Those insecticides not dependent on the compound, like malathion, are also construct ed of toxic molecules.
  3. City officials and CDC representatives settled on the pesticide malathion shown to be harmless to humans at low concentrations as their weapon of choice.


  • Japan copes with tainted food outbreak

    In what appears to be a country-wide outbreak of food poisoning, 350 people in Japan have been sickened by the pesticide malathion after eating frozen chicken teriyaki with mayonnaise, cream corn croquettes or pizza, according to a police investigation.        
    on January 8, 2014     Source: Chicago Tribune

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