madrasa madrasa


  • (n) Muslim schools in Bangladesh and Pakistan


  1. The child who goes to a radical madrasa outside of Karachi can end up endangering the security of my daughters in Chicago.
  2. It will be a terrible irony if Bhutto's assassin turns out to have a madrasa-educated Al Qaeda or Taliban extremist.
  3. Mathura, India Young boys read the Koran at a madrasa, or religious school.


  • Pakistani madrasa denies US terror label, shrugs at sanctions

    The elderly administrator of an Islamic seminary in Peshawar denies US allegations that the facility is really a terrorist training center. He adds that the first-ever US Treasury sanctions against a madrasa will have no adverse effects. 
    on August 28, 2013     Source: Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo! News


  1. "Today we are facing a hard fact, that is a Muslim child was sent to madrasa to learn Islamic subjects, but the enemies of Afghanistan misled him toward suicide and prepared him to die and kill," Mr. Karzai told reporters at the presidential...
    on Jul 15, 2007 By: Hamid Karzai Source: New York Times

  2. "We vow that we won't let any mosque or madrasa be misused like the Red Mosque," General Musharraf said in a television address Thursday evening, his first since the raid. "Wherever there is fundamentalism and extremism we have to finish...
    on Jul 12, 2007 By: Pervez Musharraf Source: New York Times

  3. McIntyre said Aguilar's job was to "keep his school, his madrasa school, open so they can train the next generation of Aztec revolutionaries," according to the lawsuit.
    on Nov 6, 2007 By: Doug McIntyre Source: CBS 2

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