macerate macerate


  1. (v) separate into constituents by soaking
  2. (v) become soft or separate and disintegrate as a result of excessive soaking
  3. (v) soften, usually by steeping in liquid, and cause to disintegrate as a result
  4. (v) cause to grow thin or weak


Derived Word(s)


  • Winemaking is a complex operation: black grapes are crushed and the skins, pips and pulp left to macerate with the juice for a few hours before being removed.


  • Use cultural controls to fight lawn rust

    Here at the UI Extension office, we use many techniques to look for signs of plant diseases. We poke and prod, magnify and macerate. We place speckled leaves in a moist chamber (plastic bag with a moist paper towel) and wait for fungal spots to show their spores. read more
    on August 24, 2013     Source:

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