lyric lyric  /ˈlɪ rɪk/


  1. (n) the text of a popular song or musical-comedy number
  2. (n) a short poem of songlike quality
  3. (v) write lyrics for (a song)
  4. (adj) expressing deep emotion
  5. (adj) used of a singer or singing voice that is light in volume and modest in range
  6. (adj) relating to or being musical drama
  7. (adj) of or relating to a category of poetry that expresses emotion (often in a songlike way)


Derived Word(s)


  1. And we don't doubt that, for some people, a U2 lyric can express how they feel better than they could.
  2. In the fiery lead role was the mercurial lyric soprano Kathleen Battle, renowned for leaving a trail of ill will in her wake wherever she goes.
  3. This little lyric was the popular expression of a fad which made famous its founder, Horace Fletcher, some 20 years ago.


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  1. "I said to him, 'What about doing Romeo at the Met?'" Domingo said in an interview with The Associated Press. "I said, 'Your voice sounds wonderful, and I think you can do it.' He has a lyric voice and he has power. I hope a star will be...
    on Oct 4, 2007 By: Placido Domingo Source: San Jose Mercury News

  2. "It's a great visual aid," said Mitchell. "I'm a frustrated filmmaker. ...... My songs are like little plays, you may have four or five emotional changes in the context of one lyric."
    on Oct 11, 2007 By: Joni Mitchell Source: Washington Post

  3. "It's a surprise. I had processed months ago that it wasn't in the cards, so I was just going about my day, trying desperately to write a lyric for `Shrek,'" said Lindsay-Abaire told The Associated Press.
    on Apr 16, 2007 By: David Lindsay-Abaire Source: FOXNews

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