lunar module lunar module


  • (n) a spacecraft that carries astronauts from the command module to the surface of the moon and back


  1. The lunar module floats to the moon's surface, as the Earth rises on the horizon.
  2. Until the lunar module swoops to within 50,000 ft.
  3. NASA is now improving the life-support systems in the lunar module to allow visits to the moon of up to three days by 1970.



    Everything seemed to be going fine in the lunar module for Stamford resident Kristin Bivona, until suddenly she and the rest of the crew... Geffert threw a no-hitter with 10 strikeouts versus Trumbull as Seymour won 11-0 at the Old Tavern Road Sports Complex. After Trumbull...
    on July 6, 2013     Source: Connecticut Post

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