luging luging


  • (n) riding a light one-man toboggan


  1. That first year, the event was packaged as the "Extreme Games" and included skateboarding, bungee jumping, roller blading, mountain biking, sky surfing, and even street luging.
  2. Some brush them off: "If I wasn't luging, I'd be the one making fun of it," says Canada's Chris Moffat, a former singles rider now paired with younger brother Mike.



  1. "The Canadian luge team is officially for sale. We haven't had a national sponsor pretty much since I started luging. That was 14 years ago," Canadian athlete Jeff Christie said.
    on Feb 10, 2009 By: Jeff Christie Source:

  2. "I feel like you have to have goals in life. Goals keep you motivated," Hoeger said. "We have to be realistic _ in the sport of luging, we don't have a chance of medaling."
    on Jan 5, 2006 By: Werner Hoeger Source:

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