ltte ltte


  • (n) a terrorist organization in Sri Lanka that began in 1970 as a student protest over the limited university access for Tamil students; currently seeks to establish an independent Tamil state called Eelam; relies on guerilla strategy including terrorist tactics that target key government and military personnel


  • Internationally, support for the ltte is ebbing after a vicious bombing campaign in Colombo killed hundreds of civilians.


  • Lanka must punish human rights violators: Chidambaram

    SINGAPORE: Joining international demands for a proper inquiry into the alleged human rights violations during the war against the LTTE, Finance Minister P Chidambaram today said Sri Lankan government must investigate and punish those responsible for them.
    on November 25, 2013     Source: INDOlink


  1. Speaking in Jordan before returning to Sri Lanka, President Rajapaksa said: "My government, with the total commitment of our armed forces, has in an unprecedented humanitarian operation finally defeated the LTTE militarily. I will be going back to a...
    on May 16, 2009 By: Mahinda Rajapakse Source: BBC News

  2. "We have no sympathies for any activities indulged in by any terrorist organisation. Particularly, the LTTE is a banned organisation in India. But we are concerned with the plight of the civilians and we shall have to see how the civilians can be...
    on Jan 27, 2009 By: Pranab Mukherjee Source:

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