liven liven  /ˈlaɪ vən/


  • (v) make lively



  1. So we decided to liven it up in the way that only gay men can.
  2. Its bright blue and brown would liven a dull day.
  3. Errol Morris is acutely aware of this defect, and he likes to liven things up by bringing what Hollywood has always called production values to his docs.


  1. Brighten Up Your Makeup Bag With Beauty Buys In Pantone’s Spring 2013 Color Trends!

    If you can’t get enough of Pantone’s color of the year emerald (or even if you’ve had enough), fall in love with Pantone’s spring and summer 2013 color trends guide filled with rich, vibrant hues that will instantly liven
    on June 11, 2013     Source: The Atlanta Post

  2. Meet Sparky: Montgomery County pet adoption of the week, June 9, 2013

    Now here is a boy who will liven up your life! Meet Sparky, a young (about a year or so old) male, Golden Retriever mix who is as handsome as he is lively!
    on June 9, 2013     Source: The Conroe Courier

  3. 5 Shrubs for a Showy Summer

    (MCT)—Making spring colorful with flowering shrubs is so easy. Just look around. Summer is different. We’ve kept it largely green with the pink and red of Knock Out roses and the soothing blues of hydrangeas to liven up the scene. But you can have more color — and a different look. Here are five flowering [...]
    on June 8, 2013     Source: RISMedia Real Estate News


  1. "To have seven games on Fox Sports is really great, and hopefully a lot of people will watch it," Rolton said. "Whether it's here or other countries. I think there's going to be a lot of press coverage as well. That's going to to really liven...
    on Oct 29, 2008 By: Karen Rolton Source: The Canberra Times

  2. Coppell said: "I'm joining a very limited club and am proud to be doing so. I suppose I must have done something right but whatever I was doing right I'm not doing at the moment. A manager's longevity depends on results so if I don't liven up I'm...
    on Mar 14, 2009 By: Steve Coppell Source:

  3. Keane said: "I have never come across him, but I just look at what he brought to the Premier League, and he raised the bar. He raised the bar for everybody, even for the likes of United, the Arsenals, they had to liven up their act a bit, and they...
    on Sep 21, 2007 By: Roy Keane Source:

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