lintel lintel  /ˈlɪn təl/


  • (n) horizontal beam used as a finishing piece over a door or window


  1. Understandably, Yuan didn't step over the lintel to see us out, as usually happens in China.
  2. Thailand wants the lintel returned in time for the official unveiling of the restored temple in April.
  3. Back home after five years, Haile Selassie found the interim occupants of the palace had left a stone Roman eagle on the lintel over the front door.


  • Former Fort Washington Elementary School building to be razed

    “Make that spark of learning grow.” The lintel above the entrance to the old Fort Washington Elementary School may bring a bit of an emotional tug to the heartstrings of educators who strive year in and year out to do just that. And with the school at Madison and Prospect avenues in Fort Washington slated for the wrecking ball this month, the Upper Dublin School District was hoping to save it ...
    on July 19, 2013     Source: The Ambler Gazette


  • Robertson said: "The hole is really small inside. It is concrete and mud on the walls, with a wood lintel and wood around the top of the frame. It would not have been very easy to get in and out of. Saddam came with his hands up. He said: 'I am...
    on Dec 15, 2003 By: Nic Robertson Source: CNN International

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