lilac-colored lilac-colored


  • (adj) of a pale purple color



  • There are the best-selling dark-wood Moroccan headboards, lilac-colored comforters and pillows covered in the metallic sequins and beads that showed up on every spring runway.


  • How Your Habits Become Productivity-Draining Distractions

    Agonizing over our habits, obsessing over our choices--these are clever distractions. But what's left is the real work. It's called a lilac chaser. You've seen it before. It's an optical illusion with a small black cross in the middle, encircled by 12 blurry lilac-colored dots. A green dot animates over the lilacs as though counting the time on a futuristic clock. Stare at the cross long enough ...
    on June 24, 2013     Source: Fast Company Magazine

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