licenser licenser  /ˈlaɪ sən sər/


  • (n) an official who can issue a license or give authoritative permission (especially one who licenses publications)


  • Last week Britain's Electric Musical Industries, the world's largest recording firm and the world licenser for the Beatle disks, also made a record: it announced that sales for .


  1. Pistorius aware of gun rules against intruders, court hears

    Oscar Pistorius was aware of gun safety rules restricting the use of lethal force against intruders, a gun dealer testified on Monday as the Paralympian's trial for killing his girlfriend entered its third week. Gun licenser Sean Rens told the court in Pretoria that the 27-year-old athlete, who stands accused of intentionally shooting dead his girlfriend, had scored highly on a test for gun ...
    on March 17, 2014     Source: AFP via Yahoo! News

  2. Pistorius Allegedly Ordered Six New Guns Before Shooting His Girlfriend

    Oscar Pistorius was in the process of buying six guns at the time he shot dead his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, more than usually allowed under South African law, his murder trial heard Monday. Gun licenser Sean Rens testified that Pistorius had sound knowledge of gun laws, but also once entered full “combat mode” after mistaking a washing machine for an intruder. When Steenkamp died on Valentine ...
    on March 17, 2014     Source: Business Insider

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