level level  /ˈlɛ vəl/


  1. (n) a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality
  2. (n) a relative position or degree of value in a graded group
  3. (n) a specific identifiable position in a continuum or series or especially in a process
  4. (n) height above ground
  5. (n) indicator that establishes the horizontal when a bubble is centered in a tube of liquid
  6. (n) a flat surface at right angles to a plumb line
  7. (n) an abstract place usually conceived as having depth
  8. (n) a structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale
  9. (v) aim at
  10. (v) tear down so as to make flat with the ground
  11. (v) make level or straight
  12. (v) direct into a position for use
  13. (v) talk frankly with; lay it on the line
  14. (v) become level or even
  15. (adj) having a surface without slope, tilt in which no part is higher or lower than another
  16. (adj) not showing abrupt variations
  17. (adj) being on a precise horizontal plane
  18. (adj) oriented at right angles to the plumb
  19. (adj) of the score in a contest


  1. According to new research, the higher a trader's testosterone level, the more money he'll net before the close of business.
  2. Past predictions of sea-level rise owing to global warming were exaggerated, according to a new study.
  3. The Federal Housing Administration says its cash cushion will dip below mandated levels for the first time, but insists it won't need an immediate taxpayer rescue.


  1. Level Four Sex Offender Arrested In Lonoke County

    LITTLE ROCK, AR-A level four sex offender from Mississippi has been arrested in Lonoke County. LT. Jim Klusa, spokesperson for Lonoke County Sheriff's office, tells FOX16 that Michael Eugene Allen turned himself into the Sheriff's Department Friday morning.
    on June 22, 2013     Source: CW Arkansas

  2. Commit To Purchase Level 3 Communications At $13, Earn 8.5%

    Investors eyeing a purchase of Level 3 Communications, Inc. (NYSE: LVLT) shares, but cautious about paying the going market price of $21.00/share, might benefit from considering selling puts among the alternative strategies at their disposal. One interesting put contract in particular, is the January 2015 put at the $13 strike, which has a bid at the time of this writing of $1.10. Collecting ...
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Forbes

  3. Level 3, Monaco Telecom sign strategic agreement for international connectivity

    Level 3 Communications and Monaco Telecom have announced the signing of a strategic agreement that will connect the Principality of Monaco to Level 3's global Internet backbone network. As a result, Monaco ...
    on June 20, 2013     Source: Theflyonthewall.com via Yahoo! Finance


  1. "We have never seen that level of wanton criminality and vandalism and destruction on our streets," Blair said.
    on Jun 27, 2010 By: Bill Blair Source: The Associated Press

  2. "I am extremely angry that we were promised high-level security and in our hour of need that security vanished," Broad said upon arrival in Manchester.
    on Mar 5, 2009 By: Chris Broad Source: Hindu

  3. "We have the feeling — but we will continue to observe that with great attention — that what is needed in terms of level of interventions on our part has been progressively diminishing," Trichet said.
    on Jul 8, 2010 By: Jean-Claude Trichet Source: The Associated Press

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