leitmotif leitmotif  /ˈlaɪt moʊ ˌtif/


  • (n) a melodic phrase that accompanies the reappearance of a person or situation (as in Wagner's operas)


  1. The Tuesday of the title, a reference to September 11, 2001, has become the leitmotif of the series.
  2. The debate over the wisdom of spending hundreds of billions, or even trillions, of dollars on missile defense will be a leitmotif of the early years of the Bush administration.
  3. But the Australian's distinct silhouette those wide but somehow brooding shoulders, that haunted, hawklike face was the leitmotif of the tournament.


  1. Estonian believers shop a spiritual 'marketplace'

    In Tallinn's medieval Old Town, the primary tourist attraction of the Baltic seaport capital, Estonia’s Christian heritage is ubiquitous. Gothic church spires and crosses are the architectural leitmotif.
    on June 7, 2013     Source: Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo! News

  2. Nantucket's Newspaper Since 1821

    (May 30, 2013) Near the end of John Guare’s engaging play “Six Degrees of Separation” – being executed adeptly and affectingly at Theatre Workshop of Nantucket – Ouisa Kittredge reflects on what’s ostensibly the play’s leitmotif, its main subject matter: “I read somewhere that everybody on this planet is sep arated by only six other people.
    on June 6, 2013     Source: The Inquirer and Mirror

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  1. "Going to Mars via the Moon - that's our leitmotif today," said Nikolai Sevastyanov, who succeeded Korolev at the head of the RKK Energia company, which builds the Soyuz and Progress space vessels.
    on Jan 12, 2007 By: Nikolai Sevastyanov Source: New Scientist (subscription)

  2. "Mount Arbel is the symbol for the booming Israeli economy," Bernstein says. "The Galilee Golf Club is a leitmotif for a country that has rid itself of isolation to become part of the global economy."
    on Mar 21, 2007 By: Joseph Bernstein Source: Bloomberg

  3. "Just across the board, in the last three or four weeks, we've had eight or 10 of the most important Iraqi leaders come through town," said Ken Pollack. "And what every single one of them has said, it has been the leitmotif [theme] of every...
    on Sep 27, 2006 By: Kenneth Pollack Source: Voice of America

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