laze laze


  • (v) be idle; exist in a changeless situation



  1. You'll be airlifted in by helicopter and left to laze about on the white sands with sunning monk seals.
  2. She underwent a facelift, retook her maiden name, and declared she would no longer laze around for half the day.
  3. If your main objective is to laze on the beach, you'll want to leave town to do it.


  • Lupus, Wooldridge took different paths after Flood of ’93

    LUPUS — This town runs on river time. When the Big Muddy is calm, dogs laze under shade trees, and insects hum along to the slow progress of the water. Canoes and motor boats are parked outside modest
    on July 30, 2013     Source: Columbia Daily Tribune


  1. "Lazey laze does all the production and I do all the vocals," Robinson commented.
    on Jun 28, 2010 By: Jerry Robinson Source: Patch

  2. Modest Cheryl said: "My best thing to laze around in is a pair of pyjamas. I have been known to be a little bit skanky and wear the same pyjamas I woke up in...... for, like, six hours."
    on Apr 30, 2010 By: Cheryl Cole Source:

  3. "It is a bit like any other day and I have the excuse to laze off," Anand told TOI on the eve of his birthday. "Just a small function, strictly private, my parents are coming over."
    on Dec 10, 2009 By: Viswanathan Anand Source: Times of India

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