laudanum laudanum  /ˈlɔ də nəm/


  • (n) narcotic consisting of an alcohol solution of opium or any preparation in which opium is the main ingredient


  1. He put his wife to sleep with a whopping dose of laudanum.
  2. For most of the 19th century's mind blowers, opium meant laudanum, an alcoholic solution of the drug used as a common painkiller.
  3. Thompson went on writing to the day of his deathand spent most of the proceeds on laudanum.

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  • "Yes, he was addicted to laudanum," Gruffudd says. "But he was such a disciplinarian that he was able to take just the right amount of dosage to suppress the pain of colitis and to function at the same time."
    on Mar 22, 2007 By: Ioan Gruffudd Source: Times Online

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