knuckler knuckler


  • (n) a baseball pitch thrown with little speed or spin


  1. Wilhelm's knuckler is different from most.
  2. Phil has been throwing the knuckler ever since he came up with the Braves in 1964, a rarity since the pitch is usually mastered in desperation by aging veterans.
  3. Indeed, the Giants have been very impressed with his repertoire of five pitches, including a knuckler, thrown from four different angles.



  1. "Early in the game, he was leaving the knuckler up a little bit, but when he keeps it down, he's very successful," Tigers leadoff hitter Johnny Damon said. "His knuckleball is almost as hard as his fastball, so he throws kind of a changeup...
    on Jun 23, 2010 By: Johnny Damon Source: The Canadian Press

  2. "It was almost like a knuckler," said Boucher, who entered the game with a 10-1-2 record, "and I felt it may be going wide. But he got all of it and when it's kind of on edge like that it's hard to pick up."
    on Feb 28, 2009 By: Brian Boucher Source: Alameda Times-Star

  3. "Look at what the Red Sox throw out there every night," said Leyland. "They got (Josh) Beckett, who is light's out. They got (Curt) Schilling, who knows how to pitch. They got the knuckler (Tim Wakefield). They got the sinker guy (Julian...
    on May 15, 2007 By: Jim Leyland Source: Eagle Tribune

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