kith kith


  • (n) your friends and acquaintances


  1. The settlers have been remarkably successful in estranging their journalistic kith kin from Britain, and others besides.
  2. Some speculated he may try to retreat to his hometown of Tikrit, to make a final stand among his kith and kin.
  3. And many lives have thereby been lost, thanks to the kindly citizen Albert Gore, the darling of the European kith and kin who honor him.



  1. "Until we beat them on the battlefield, Britain and her kith and kin here would not concede voting rights to Africans," President Mugabe said. "The one-person-one-vote we have enjoyed since 1980 is a gain from our liberation struggle. Let it...
    on Apr 20, 2005 By: Robert Mugabe Source:

  2. "Our problem with Britain and Australia is over the land we took over from their white kith and kin to redistribute to the indigenous black people of this country. ...... If good governance means that black people should forever live as servants and...
    on Dec 7, 2003 By: Jonathan Moyo Source: CNN International

  3. "They are making a big mistake. With the Frontier Corps they are going to put people to fight against their kith and kin," said General Hamid Gul, a former head of Pakistan's powerful Inter-Services Intelligence agency. "We need to sit down...
    on Mar 3, 2008 By: Hamid Gul Source:

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