kaffir kaffir


  1. (n) important for human and animal food; growth habit and stem form similar to Indian corn but having sawtooth-edged leaves
  2. (n) an offensive and insulting term for any Black African


  1. A hurt kaffir stays a good kaffirfor a while.
  2. Some initially promising ingredientssuch as kaffir limeproduced undrinkable beer.
  3. When he stood up for the blacks, he was branded a kaffir-lover by his fellow whites.


  • Bonnie's Beer of the Week: Uncommon Brewers Siamese Twin

    WHAT: Uncommon Brewers has a clear vision: Make unique beer and serve it in a can. The Siamese Twin Ale hits the brewery's mission on the head with exotic flavors including coriander, kaffir lime and lemongrass. And the can? It supposedly keeps the taste fresh, allowing you to sip up the traditional Belgian-style double long after you purchase it -- not that it'll last in your fridge, but you ...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel


  1. Khoza, who is also chairman of Orlando Pirates, said he had received a phone call from a reporter following up on the article, and Khoza told him: "Stop thinking like a kaffir because you are contriving and misleading about something that is not...
    on Feb 20, 2008 By: Irvin Khoza Source: The Times

  2. "I know better than you because I am Muslim and you are kaffir (infidel). You kaffir know nothing," Samudra says.
    on Oct 28, 2008 By: Imam Samudra Source: Streem

  3. "In our country, derogatory terms such as 'kaffir' are taboo. Equally, our country must put words such as 'makwerekwere' and 'mantswantle' in the same category as 'kaffir'. A proper terminology must be found for Africans from outside South Africa....
    on May 29, 2008 By: Motsoko Pheko Source: Independent Online

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