jocose jocose


  • (adj) characterized by jokes and good humor


Derived Word(s)


  1. His round, snub-nosed face was made for mirth, especially its wide, thin-lipped mouth, which even in repose is curved like a jocose crescent.
  2. The finale is in jocose, carnival spirit, but a carnival whose details are as vaporous as a dream, only solidifying as the music nears its end.
  3. Rabelais' jocose giant Pantagruel, under whose tongue a whole army once hid, might find the 500-ft.


  • Mr Lenihan replied: "It is important to stress that the Minister of State in question made it clear he was speaking in a jocose sense".
    on Jun 24, 2010 By: Brian Lenihan Source: Irish Times

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