jingoist jingoist


  • (n) an extreme bellicose nationalist


  1. Frankly jingoist, it demands a Jewish state including all of Palestine.
  2. Assistant constitution-maker and close aspirant for the leader's job was Minister of the Interior Adrien Marquet, onetime mayor of Bordeaux, jingoist politician and career man.
  3. No matter what the Constitution said about sovereignty or disarmament, jingoist leaders might be able to capture the substance of power again.


  • "He's an American who overidealizes Paris as a sort of idyllic political and cultural mecca," Goldberg said by phone. "And this American who is not a jingoist or a fan of George Bush finds himself becoming more and more American the longer...
    on Aug 6, 2007 By: Adam Goldberg Source: International Herald Tribune

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