interlace interlace  /ˌɪn tər ˈleɪs/


  1. (v) spin,wind, or twist together
  2. (v) hold in a locking position


  1. The roof is made of an interlace of cables covered with a steel deck, and hangs off steel pylons at the four corners.
  2. Most groups use two or more pianos, interlace individual student workouts on the keys with duets or quartets to sharpen sight reading and harmony skills.
  3. The tunnel would interlace through 600 miles of underground workings, involving 2,000 patented claims, with heirs spread from Atlanta to China.


  • CMOS Image Sensors feature Bright Mode technology.

    With Bright Mode CMOS Image Sensor technology, smartphones and tablet PCs can record Full-HD video at 240 fps. Additionally, Bright Mode realizes quality, slow motion video playback at 1/8 standard speed. Technology doubles exposures time by adopting interlaced video output. It also employs charge binning, which doubles electrical charge of each pixel, resulting in images that are 4x brighter ...
    on January 13, 2014     Source: ThomasNet

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